Self-Portrait with Flower © 2018 Ekaterina Selezneva

Self-Portrait with Flower © 2018 Ekaterina Selezneva

all eyes and all ears, I wait

as i pull at the cords

they’re useless, of course, so I steal

of the sad woman’s words

still voiceless, i sink to the depths

of the visual sea

flickering lights and reflections

are all i can see

they hear my thoughts from a distance

and speak them for me

- on Photography (abstract), 2018

Ekaterina Selezneva, aka Short Circuits, is a Russian-born visual artist and writer with a background in human sciences. She holds degrees from Moscow State University (Psychology) and Kingston University (Photography). Specialises in various types of analogue and digital photography, modern poetry and photographic design.

Available for commissions and creative collaborations.

Currently lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.