Self-Portrait with Flower © 2018 Ekaterina Selezneva

Self-Portrait with Flower © 2018 Ekaterina Selezneva


I am a Russian-born photographic artist with a background in human sciences. I am fascinated by both the visual and the tactile aspects of the physical world, and the way our perception shapes the reality me live in.

My main subject is photography itself, what it can do and the role it plays in our lives. I employ various types of analogue photography in order to explore the medium - I'm interested in things like texture and colour, presence and absence, time and our perception of it, and the possibility of a creative collaboration with inanimate objects.

In the past few years I've also developed an interest in the digital medium and the implications of the global cultural transition into a digital environment.


Ekaterina holds degrees from Moscow State University (Psychology) and Kingston University (Photography).

Currently lives in Curitiba, PR, Brazil.